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Posted by Russell on December 7, 2011 at 3:50 PM

The Australian Constitution was established in 1901, a time when there were 6 semi autonomous British colonies operating in Australia.

The pressing issue was to repel an expected invasion by Russia. Communication was by sailing ship and horse and buggy.

Times have changed, so should the Australian Constitution.

Change to the Australian Constitution currently, can only be initiated by politicians, NOT THE PEOPLE OF AUSTRALIA.

With Political Parties hijacking Australian Governments, there is no hope of real improvement to our way of life if we continue to elect Political Parties to office that have NO INTENT OF GIVING POWER TO THE PEOPLE we will continue to be puppets in their hands.

Join the Middle Australian Party where the power is with the people.

Check out the links page for more information from a range of people on Direct Democracy and constitutional chnage

Cheers Russell

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