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Posted by Russell on February 13, 2012 at 8:40 PM

1... Carbon Tax – “There will be no carbon tax under the Government I lead.”

2... National(ised) Broadband Network – $50 billion but no cost-benefit analysis

3... Building the Education Revolution – The school halls fiasco - are any children better educated?

4... Home Insulation Plan (Pink Batts) – Dumped after deaths and injuries

5.. Citizens Assembly – Dumped

6... Cash for Clunkers – Dumped

7... Hospital Reform – Nothing

8... Digital set-top boxes – Cheaper at Harvey Norman and now going obsolete

9... Emissions Trading Scheme – Abandoned

10. Mining Tax – Continuing uncertainty for our miners

11. Livestock export ban to Indonesia – A massive over-reaction that decimated the cattle industry and transport industry in Northern Australia

12. Detention Centres – Riots & massive cost blow-outs

13. East Timor ‘solution’ – Announced before agreed

14. Malaysia ‘solution’ – Scrapped because Malaysia not a signatory to UN Human Rights Charter

15. Manus Island ‘solution’ – On the backburner

16.. Computers in Schools – $1.4 billion blow out; less than half delivered

17. Cutting Red Tape – 12,835 new regulations, only 58 repealed

18. Asia Pacific Community – Another expensive Rudd frolic. Going nowhere

19. Green Loans Program – Abandoned. Only 3.5% of promised loans delivered

20. Solar Homes & Communities plan – Shut down after $534 million blow out

21. Green Car Innovation Fund – Abandoned

22. Solar Credits Scheme – Scaled back

23. Green Start Program – Scrapped

24. Retooling for Climate Change Program – Abolished

25. Childcare Centres – Abandoned. 260 promised, only 38 delivered

26. Take a “meat axe”’ to the Public Service – 24,000 more public servants added

27. Murray Darling Basin Plan – back to the drawing board

28. 2020 Summit – Meaningless talkfest

29. Tax Summit – Deferred and downgraded

30. Population Policy – Sets no targets

31. Fuel Watch – Abandoned

32. Grocery Watch – Abandoned

33. $900 Stimulus cheques – Sent to dead people and overseas residents. The majority spent on flat screen TV's and fast food. The resulting huge deficit is alleged to have saved us from the GFC. Now claim their response to GFC Mark 2 will be to get the budget back into surplus!

34. Foreign Policy – In turmoil with Kevin (747) Rudd running riot flying around the world spending more than the US Secretary of State

35. National Schools Solar Program – Closing two years early

36. Solar Hot Water Rebate – Abandoned

37. Oceanic Viking – Caved in

38. GP Super Clinics – 64 promised, only 11 operational

39. Defence Family Healthcare Clinics – 12 promised, none delivered

40. Trade Training Centres – 2650 promised, 70 operational

41. Bid for UN Security Council seat – An expensive Rudd frolic

42.. My School Website – Revamped but problems continue

43. National Curriculum – States in uproar

44. Small Business Superannuation Clearing House – 99% of small businesses reject it

45. Indigenous Housing Program – way behind schedule

46. Rudd Bank – Went nowhere

47. Using cheap Chinese fabrics for Defence uniforms – Ditched

48. Innovation Ambassadors Program – junked

49. Six Submarines – none operational

50. Debt limit to be increased to $250 billion and rising – to pay for all of this and much more

This was copied from an email, author unknown. To add the Queensland Labor mistakes and waste of money would at least double this list.

Queensland is now $85 billion in debt. For those of you who remember when Howard was voted in the Australian debt was $95 Billion, it took the Liberal Federal Government 10 years to pay the money back. How long is it going to take for Queensland (You and me) to pay this money back.

If you think deficit spending is the way for Governments to go, just check out the financial situation of the governments in Europe.

Don't be fooled this is going to cost us, our children and our grand children.

A vote for Russell McVey or any other person who decides to stand for Direct Democracy where Queenslanders and Australians will have the power of veto over Government decisions. Always trust yourself to make the right decision.


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