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Direct Democracy


Commitment to Direct Democracy – How does it affect you

Direct Democracy truly is 

"Government of the people by the people and for the people".


When we are able to establish Direct Democracy in Australia you will notice that the release of information to Australians will change. The media will put out more information, the Government will consult with more Australians before introducing a new law or policy. People will talk about policy benefits and concerns rather than the name slinging between political parties that we are now subjected to. 

You will find that with this new information you will be empowered, information will be distilled for easier understanding and you will be able to determine how your vote will be cast.

Direct Democracy has been shown to improve people's engagement with the government process.

Direct Democracy is about politics driven from the bottom up by the priorities of the people, not from the top down, the 'We know better' politics, that we are so familiar with.

Countries that embrace some form of Direct Democracy include Switzerland, Canada, Italy, New Zealand, 27 states in the USA, Venezuela and Poland. More people in more countries are looking for greater open or direct democracy in governing their countries.

Switzerland has been operation with some form of Direct Democracy since around the 13th Century and their Direct Democracy has made for a more open government. People take the information provided by politicians and are much more in tune with the running of the country. It has become a part of what they do and they are not subjected to the rantings and ravings or negative advertising as we in Australia are subjected to.

All Australians will be better served when we are able to determine what happens in our own backyard. 

Modern technology allow us to communicate effectively and securely. You can decide what level of communication you would like, how to accept it and whether to take part. You can take part and you will feel empowered.

The positive by-product of establishing Direct Democracy in Australia, where Australians have veto over Government decisions, is that the Governments will be far more diligent in researching, working and consulting in regard to new legislation. If they get the legislation or policy wrong, we Australians may send it back to them for further debate.


We then will make the decision by referendum on the policy or law, NOT the Politicians.


Will the implementation of Direct Democracy in Australia mean more involvement by you?

No, not really. Not too much more than you currently are involved. However, knowing you now have the power engages you in a different way. Perhaps discussions will be less about the goings on, ranting, political blame game and political party posturing or philosophy and will be more about the pros and cons of particular policy on how it will affect you, your state or Australia.

ALL Political parties will change the way they use the media.

Australians are tired of political spin, where media spin doctors look for cracks, for exploitation and news headlines, use repetition of emotional words and other tactics to evoke divisive sentiment. It will no longer be about who won today's question time in parliament or who go the best curb side 10 second news headline. 

To get the approval for new laws and policy, Political Parties will have to tell us the truth, otherwise we will have the power of veto and they will have to debate the policy or law again and we will have the right to make the decision by referendum.


More thought will go into Government decisions.


With Australians having veto on laws and policy, politicians will have to spend more time coming up with the right laws and policies, consulting and taking notice of the Australian people and less on point scoring, doing deals and jostling for position. 


Steps by Governments in introducing Laws and Policy (simplified):

  1. New policy is thought out and planned
  2. The laws or policies are presented to the people for consultation and comment
  3. The policy is reworked with input from step 2
  4. The policy is tabled in Government
If step 2 is not properly carried out and step 3 is not adhered too, then step 4 may be a waste of time as Australians may send the new policy back to the Government and the decision on the new policy will be decided by referendum of Australians.

With Direct Democracy, Australians own their Government, not the other way around.
On many occasions in the past, Australia has experienced Parliaments and Councils which have ignored the clear wishes of Australians.
This is perhaps the reason why Australians have quietly accepted this subtle indoctrination through the media. The media and advertising markets the idea that politicians, as a whole, have the best interests of Australians at heart and are better able to judge than their (implied) mostly less educated and less knowledgeable Australians, what is truly in their best interests.
In fact, the record shows that on nearly every occasion on which politicians have over-ruled the wishes of Australians, their judgement has not been better, or that they had been putting the welfare of powerful vested interested or party politics above the welfare of Australians.
Politicians do not have a monopoly on common sense!
Here are a number of steps to fast track Direct Democracy in Australia:
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  • Believe that Australians can own their Governments, Federal, State and Council