Middle Australian Party

A new deal for all Australians

MAP  Policy

The current situation is: MAP is in the throws of becoming a new political party. The first step is to receive enough membership applications to register the party with the Australian Electoral Commission. However...


The Middle Australian Policy is:


    To Introduce Direct Democracy to Australia


  1. Australians will have the right of veto over Government decisions via referendums. The Middle Australian Party will introduce a system of Direct Democracy operational in Australia that would give Australians the power to force policy or laws or other Government decisions back to the Government for further debate. A decision on the matter would then be put to all Australians via referendum.
  2. Australians to be given the ability to process policy and have if presented to the Government. The Middle Australian Party will give Australians the opportunity to create policy on issues which would fix a number of everyday concerns, things that are too small for the current political parties to care about that would improve the lives of many Australians. Policy to be put forward by Australians would not be limited in size or scope.
  3. Australians to be given the power to sack elected representatives mid-term if the politicians conduct is unbefitting a member of Parliament. The Middle Australian Party understands that this policy may not be used often or at all. However, you would be assured that if a politician was directly accountable to his or her constituents and not the political part executive, the elected representative would be more understanding of the electorate concerns and provide better representation.
  4. Australians to be able to voice their decision via a referendum on matters at hand or of concern. This is the basis of Direct Democracy. Referendums will be based on secure Internet technology via email or smart phone to reduce the cost, speed the process and enable Australians to be involved in the process of Direct Democracy without any disruption to their normal lives.
  5. The Middle Australian Party will give MAP members the power to direct their elected representative in Government on their vote. Elected Middle Australian Representatives will vote according to the direction of their electorate of Middle Australian Party members. This direction will be via the MAP website where MAP members can cast a valued vote on decisions that are of interest to them.


MAP recognises that there is good and bad policy put forward by all parties.

Labor, Liberal and others have good and bad policy.



MAP is about recognising the policies that are of benefit to Australians,

or Australia and assisting in their passage through goverment.



MAP is NOT to the Right, Left, Centre or Green



MAP is about what is the best policy for Australians and this country,

decided on by Australians


Policy can also be put forward by elected representatives, however they will follow the same procedure as MAP members, and a member majority vote will be required to make it policy of MAP.

There is a long road between this point in time to when MAP has the representation in State and Federal Parliaments to introduce the changes required to move to direct democracy.

The first election that MAP will have a candidate in is the next Queensland State Election.

There are other policies that have been suggested by members looking to sit for the next state election. These policies at this stage are member policies and until MAP is properly constituted they cannot become policies of the Middle Australia Party.

If you have a policy idea or suggestion, you are most welcome to forward these policies or ideas.


How policy from Members becomes MAP Policy

Middle Australian Party policy will come from the members. Members will put forward policy on the policy section of the website. It will be checked for legal and constitutional correctness.

It will then be listed in the policy forum. Members will be able to comment on the policy, for and against and make suggestions. The member who put the policy forward has the right to be the Policy Editor. The Editor can make changes to the policy based on the feedback and consult with other members. When the policy is thought to be in the final draft, it will go into the voting pool.

Once in the voting pool, members are notified that a vote is required and are informed by email or text. Members can go to the policy forum and look at the discussion and then cast a valued vote for -10 (fully against) to +10 (fully for) the policy.

The website then calculates the vote and presents the result as a percentage. A high percentage would make the policy a policy of the Middle Australian Party.

Representatives would then be required to put the policy into a format and table it in Parliament.


There is a road to travel to bring Direct Democracy to Australia.

It starts with one step, becoming a member. Will you join me?