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A new deal for all Australians

Why Direct Democracy?


Why does Australia need Direct Democracy?


Representative Democracy is failing us, it's a mess, we see it every day.

Representative Democracy is failing because the political parties have manipulated the system of government to such an extent that we Australians, the constituents are not being fairly represented in Government by our elected representatives.

Currently a handful of people (Political Party Executives) decide on a course of action and use the party system to push through policy and laws that may not be popular or beneficial to the majority of Australians or Australia.

The vast majority of middle Australians do not have any recourse other than at the end of the term to vote out the ruling political party.

That is no longer good enough!

Representative Democracy was good for it's time. Unfortunately it is failing Australians due to the strict political party system.

No matter what a party representative tells you prior to an election, once elected, his or her decisions are dictated by the party executive.

The political parties are influenced by the political factions. The lobbyists are paid to push a certain agenda, companies, employee and employer groups paying or influencing for political preference. The media creating pressure on the government with stories that are politically biased, or unfairly represented, so political leaders trying to appear to be in touch with the community create policy on the run, based on the news story for the day.

Not to mention the unelected power brokers in and outside the party system having a direct say on who will govern Australia.

Who are these people?

We Australians are so confused with our Political Representatives, (Federal, State and Council) that the majority of us dissociate ourselves totally. We think most politicians are a bunch of self opinionated wankers or faithful party puppies that do nothing for us and expect us to work our guts out to pay increased taxes to cover their mistakes and political whims.

Membership in Political parties is declining, so the power remains with far fewer than we imagine. Why, because those who have put their hand up to help, realise that they are treated as an unwanted necessity to provide donations, raise money and at election time hand out 'How to Vote' cards. If they ever try to put real ideas across, everyone within the political party structure can say NO, or worse not take your idea or suggestion or you seriously, so fewer Australians are joining in to assist in the political process. This allows a small minority to hold on the power and to make decisions that affect us all.

If you don't believe this, join any current Australian Political party and have a go at making a difference, work to put your opinion or a policy to the party, speak up and see what happens.

Party power brokers, back room administrators, unelected officials make more decisions than elected representatives or party members. Party members are given token say in policy to a talk fest and the party and politicians can totally disregard any motion. No wonder many Australians feel disengaged and are vocal in condemning politicians in general.

Well I have had enough, how about you?

You can make a small change NOW to unlock the power of our current corrupt party political system, that makes a mockery of our governments. Once Direct Democracy is established in Australia, all political parties will be held accountable to the people of Australia.

In a Direct Democracy, what will change?

In a Direct Democracy Australia will still have the current political parties, all that will change is that Australians will have the ability to hold politicians accountable, reject or change any policy that Australians feel is not in their best interest.


We Australians CAN take Ownership of our own Government.


After all, we are supposed to own our Government, but it is the other way around.