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Application Form


Download MAP Membership Application Form


Note: The application form is a PDF file. You may print it directly to your printer, or save it as a file by right-clicking on the form, and choosing 'Save As'.


Details on Membership of the Middle Australian Party

Membership fees are based on financing the interactive website construction for MAP and legal registration requirements and formation expenses and are as follows:

  • Founder Membership - $220.00
  • Membership - $88.00
  • Pensioner - $33.00
  • Unemployed - $33.00
  • Under 21 - $22.00

To become a Registered Political Party, the Middle Australian Party requires 550 members. 

Even though membership fees have had to be set, the MAP policy is that MAP members have the opportunity to have a vote on these issues. So to that end, at this point in time.


Determine YOUR OWN Membership Fee

If you want to be a MAP member but are facing financial difficulties or feel that MAP membership fees should be determined at another level, you can join MAP and nominate your own membership fee.

Remembering that the Middle Australian Party has to be registered, legal requirements and formation expenses need to be met. Administration, legal policy issues need to be worked, taxation and GST requirements and membership needs to have growth. Without proper funding to develop MAP it will require hundreds more members to reach the funding goals.


As a Member of MAP will you be required to do anything?

NO. MAP is your political party, when administration is fully set up you will have the choice to decide at what level you want to be involved, whether you want to assist or not in any number of areas. MAP is an open organisation. There are no secret meetings, nothing pushy. It is always your choice, you will also be able to determine what level of communication you want. The area we will want your involvement in is at decision time or referendums. These will be done over the internet enabled technology, computer and smart phones.


If you have a policy idea or suggestion, you are most welcome to forward these policies or ideas