Middle Australian Party

A new deal for all Australians

You & MAP

Our Governments were originally set up from the ground up, by people working for the good of their community, to serve the community.

Through the manipulation of the election and government systems over time the faceless power brokers of the political parties have been able to centre their power to the point where they can freely sack a Prime Minister without one Australian being consulted.

By bringing in Direct Democracy, Australians can preserve that right to forever and always own our government and take the power away from the faceless power brokers.

The first steps to Direct Democracy is by forming the Middle Australian Party. The MAP party policy is to establish Australian Direct Democracy, built by members from the ground up for the good of the Community to serve the community, forever!



Have you had enough?  Are you willing to do something about it?  There are two things you can do right now!
  1. Become a member and
  2. Spread the word
It is your choice!
Right Now (01/12/2011) MAP is not a registered Political Party. To be registered we require 550 Australians to sign and commit to becoming a member of the Middle Australian Party.
There is a road to travel to bring Direct Democracy to Australia.
Russell McVey
It starts with one step, becoming a member. Will you join me?

YOU and the Middle Australian Party

The difference between the Middle Australian Party and every other political party in Australia will be….you will have the power. 
Not the president of the party, not the chairman, not the executive, not the unelected officials or elected representatives, not the financiers, not any group, faction or association…you.
MAP recognizes that there is good and bad policy put forward by all parties. Labor, Liberal and others have good and bad policy and all party members must vote along party lines.
The Middle Australian Party Members (YOU) will direct your MAP elected representatives to vote on the merits of the policy, no matter where the policy comes from.
By “YOU” we mean that decisions to be made on the party, on policy, on representation, will be made by the members of MAP by a “Valued Vote” system operated over the internet.

You have to believe that when the majority of Australians have the power to make decisions,

that they (us) will get it right.


Australians have great ideas and a real understanding of what is right and wrong. The Middle Australian Party is about putting balance back into politics. You having a say in what is right for you, what is right for your state and what is right for Australia will engage and empower you. But that is your choice.
How involved will you have to be? You decide on what level of involvement you want, how much communication you want to receive. Perhaps you would only like to log on and check things out when something comes up that interest you. It is your choice.
How will MAP work? The activities of MAP will be based on a secure website portal that will provide all the membership activity, the ability to create policy and debate, vote, communicate, form policy groups. The site will be available through internet enabled technology. You will not be required to attend meetings to have your say; you will do it through the MAP interactive website, from home.

Don’t have a computer or Internet Connection at home? There are many places where Internet connections are available, Libraries, Council offices, Shopping Centers, Internet Cafes, Family and friends.

  • Your membership will remain invisible
  • No one will know you are a member of MAP
  • MAP belongs to the members (YOU)
  • You make the decisions
  • The members are responsible collectively for MAP
  • All communication will be done via the internet and web based applications
  • The are no meetings or conferences or committees you have to attend
  • You choose your level of commitment or involvement
  • You will have access and control your Membership details

Nobody needs to know you are a Member of MAP. You are invisible. No one will know you are a member of MAP.  MAP is internet based and will not require face to face meetings, conferences or committees. The website will suppress your personal details, so nobody will know you are a member of MAP, unless you allow your identity to be known. In the privacy of your own home you can become as involved as you would like.

Here are a number of steps to fast track Direct Democracy in Australia:
  • Complete the MAP membership application and send it in
  • Forward this email to your network of friends and ask them to join MAP
  • Think of standing at the next election as a Representative for MAP
  • Become a MAP Advocate talk to people in your area or be a spokesperson
  • Become a MAP Volunteer – deliver material to people in your area
  • Become a MAP Planner – assist in the development of the organisation
  • Make a donation to help build the Administration portal website
  • Believe that Australians can own their Governments, Federal, State and Council

How your decision will take effect? When a decision is required on policy, Members will be notified by email or text that a decision is required. A voting facility is provided through secure internet technology to make your decision from +10 (absolutely for) to -10 (absolutely against) the votes are automatically tabulated on the policy vote and forwarded to the elected representatives or the policy instigator. Members can check results on the website.
How your decision will reach your elected Representative? Your MAP elected Representatives will vote according to the Membership decisions. With today’s technology these decisions can be sent, cast and tabulated in a short period of time, using secure internet based technology.
The end of Factions. It will be impossible for a strong member or organisation to be able to gather around an impressionable group and control meetings and voting. MAP will not hold those types of meetings or conferences. MAP will be internet based and MAP membership is confidential. No longer will individuals be able to influence or intimidate you. You will make your own decision. Your personal valued vote will be part of the collective decision.
Middle Australians the forgotten majority. Middle Australians are the forgotten people, we are the silent majority. MAP is looking to remedy this. To do so we will require many thousands of members across Australia.
The Middle Australian Party is about giving Middle Australians a valued decision throughout the term of the Government.
The Middle Australian Party is about empowering its Australian members to put forward policies, have debate and provide the facilities to be able to cast a valued decision on policies throughout the term of the Government.
Joining MAP will allow you to have your say and put your ideas forward.  You can take responsibility for your idea or you will be able to post it on the MAP website and see if someone else would like to continue the idea.


Direct Democracy will empower middle Australians, we will no longer be the forgotten majority


Middle Australians are the financial power house of Australia
With Direct democracy Middle Australians will be the POWER HOUSE of Australia


Politicians do not have a monopoly on common sense!


With Direct Democracy, Australians own their Government,

not the other way around.